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The power of virtual reality

Our virtual reality experience could be beneficial in mitigating the effects of isolation. Virtual reality, although often presented as an isolation technology, has been explored as a tool to generate new connections. There is growing interest and creative experimentation in how immersive technology could provide positive experiences that could connect us, instead of locking us into our separate individual realities as is often argued in many social settings unfamiliar with this technology.

In a laboratory in Germany, it was observed that virtual reality experiences flying around the Earth can generate unique experiences of awe, as well as subjective descriptions of awe, connection and change of perspective never seen before.

This type of research reflects the promise that VR can help resolve the negative effects of isolation. Of course, there are ways to experience connectedness besides donning a VR headset, like going out into nature or spending quality time with friends. But in the absence of these settings and opportunities of the physical world, virtual reality could provide a needed boost of new emotions.




The new VR experiences

Feeling alone and isolated is associated with a wide range of negative consequences for our well-being, physical and cognitive health.
The feeling of connection is vitally important for a happy, healthy and meaningful life. That is why new experiences allow us to generate new emotions and perceptions of many objects and social concepts, such as the following example of space travel using VR technology:

A journey around the Earth, a journey through space, a new unique experience.
Along the journey, they experience: gazing at clouds, watching a sunset over a canyon in the company of wild animals, watching the aurora in the night sky, witnessing Mars rise above the horizon and fly through space and meet with a solar eclipse. Finally, people using VR with experiences around the Earth reflect on the interconnectedness of all life on our planet. This virtual journey is inspired by the Overview Effect, an in-depth experience astronauts have as they witness the beauty and fragility of the Earth from outer space.




Virtual reality can protect your mental health

Millions of people are dealing with the effects of isolation. Lack of human contact, general boredom, and uncertainty are threats to sanity. Adding higher levels of stress, as well as a general state of uncertainty, makes it clear: in times when we are exposed to very severe isolation, we all must be more active in protecting our mental health.

To mitigate the adverse effects of physical or social isolation in places such as psychiatric wards and prisons in the US, researchers have successfully brought specific versions of VR processes to the real world, in the form of virtual reality devices for the end consumer. Virtual reality had therapeutic effects, providing a door to realities beyond isolation.

In recent years, manufacturers like Google, Facebook and Sony have sold millions of commercial virtual reality systems for home entertainment. Many of those facing isolation have access to virtual reality at home, if you have one of them, there are very good reasons why you should try using it as one of the measures to protect and take care of your own mental health.





The new VR world

Humans are 100% social, we need contact with others to function. Virtual reality applications allow users to inhabit virtual characters and be together in virtual worlds. Unlike any other medium, the shared social presence that can be achieved with VR technology feels magical and the sense of human connection it can create is hard to describe.
Mark Zuckerberg recently declared that META will be "the most social platform ever known".

When isolated, people report that they lack structure, social context, and a sense of progress and personal development.
One way to understand the allure of games is to look at how they bring joy and satisfaction through many of the same mechanisms that they would in an ideal job or workplace. A player develops skills and progresses through a rewarding progression of tasks, building experience while staying motivated and uniquely rewarded.

Games could be a way to re-introduce a sense of purpose and development while serving as a fun and relaxing distraction. Many of the virtual reality games are very intuitive and easy to play, making them accessible to everyone.




A new social and virtual experience

Although its implementation is still under construction daily in thousands of LABs, these are still the early days of VR technology (think new BLOCKCHAIN technologies and their long implementation path), now is the time to experiment!
Virtual reality as a new form of expression and sense of new emotions is already a fact of many daily implementation scenarios in many technology LABs focused on this type of innovation.
It is really an exciting world that allows us to see how technological innovation leads us along with CRYPTO trends to new scenarios of innovation and technological revolution.