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Venturing into the VR Universe: An Interview with Rex Gatling of Xzec Gaming


In an exclusive interview with Rex Gatling, Founder & CEO of Xzec Gaming, AME RUBIK took a fascinating dive into the world of virtual and augmented reality technology, as well as the exciting prospects of the Metaverse. During the interview, Rex shared his personal journey in the tech industry and unveiled the motivation behind the establishment of Xzec Gaming, highlighting his vision from the outset.


We discussed the key innovations that set Xzec Gaming apart in the VR and AR field, as well as the promising trends Rex foresees in these fields in the coming years. We also explored notable AR projects they are working on and how artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in the evolution of these technologies.


Rex shared his insights on the impact of the Metaverse on how people engage with entertainment, work, and socialization, emphasizing the importance of security and privacy in these immersive experiences.


Furthermore, Rex recommended to our followers the best Xzec Gaming app to experience the company's technological innovations in virtual and augmented reality.


The interview concluded with an exciting glimpse into the future developments that RUBIK TECH MAGAZINE followers can expect from Xzec Gaming in the near future, leaving a sense of anticipation for what lies ahead in the world of VR and AR technology.






🎮 Rex, could you tell us a bit about your journey in the technology world and how you came to found Xzec Gaming?


My journey in tech started when I was building Virtual reality apps while working my day job after reading about its future and how it would change the workforce. So I taught myself C# and Unity3D development. From then Xzec Gaming was created.




🚀 What was the initial motivation that drove you into the exciting realm of the Metaverse, and what was your vision for the company from the outset?


I became motivated in the Metaverse after developing mobile apps then I find out what was the next platform after mobile and web apps. I found that Virtual and Augmented reality was next then I started to research and eventually started building apps for VR headsets like Meta Quest. My initial vision was and is Xzec Gaming will build and sell VR apps that are beneficial to the consumer and to the enterprise customer.




🔮 In the realm of virtual and augmented reality, what do you believe sets Xzec Gaming's experiences apart from the competition?


What sets us apart is our apps provide the greatest detail to a VR experiences. We translate what you do in the real world and put the same quality experience in to your virtual and augmented reality experiences the best which is what customer are looking for.





🌟 The VR/AR technology is constantly evolving. Could you share some of the most exciting trends you see in this space over the next few years?


The trend now in VR/AR is making the devices durable and compact for consumers to use it on the go particularly in glasses. The top companies like Apple, Meta, and others are finding ways to take the same kind of devices currently available and make them compact enough to be used on the go.





📲 Xzec Gaming is also known for creating AR experiences. Can you mention any notable AR projects you're currently working on or planning to launch soon?


Our notable AR experiences are Nightz for XREAL Light glasses which is a virtual nightclub experience you can take on the go in your glasses. Also our flagship app Xzec which allows you to start and run a specific kind of business in your Augmented reality glasses.





🌐 How do you envision the future of interaction between the real world and the virtual world as AR and VR technologies continue to advance?


I believe the future interaction is where we will be able to interact with both the virtual and real world using VR/AR contact lenses which there are several companies already working on making this a possibility like XPANCEO, InwithCorp, and MojoVision. I believe this will make the interaction much easier in the future where now it can still be a human to human interaction.





🔒 Immersive Metaverse experiences can raise security and privacy concerns. What measures does Xzec Gaming take to ensure user safety and privacy in these experiences?


We ensure our customers safety by using various third party tools provided by quality cybersecurity professionals we have built relationships with to measure and continue to improve our security measures as this technology continues to evolve.




🤖 Rex, we know that artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in the evolution of VR and AR. Can you tell us about how Xzec Gaming is researching and applying AI to enhance AR and VR experiences, and what are some of the most exciting results achieved so far in this field?


We are researching using A.I specifically building our own A.I tools around custom Reinforcement Learning based A.I that powers many of virtual experiences currently. Our results have been where we have virtual worker avatars for our app Xzec that can currently work various kind of virtual work environments we have simulated.






🚀 What's the most ambitious Metaverse project or experience that Xzec Gaming has undertaken so far? Can you share some details?


Our most ambitious is Xzec our flagship app which is around starting and running an entire business in your Augmented Reality glasses. The objective is to help the everyday person in the workforce start and run any kind of business they want virtually on the go while working their job.





🌐 In your opinion, how is the Metaverse impacting how people engage with entertainment, work, and socialization?


It is impacting entertainment specifically because now it's giving an artist's music catalog a second life in a sense. Now they can utilize their music in VR and AR experiences where now they can perform virtually anytime anywhere in their AR glasses without having to go to an arena or at a venue. Socialization will change where now I can meet and build a working relationship with someone from around the world virtually in Augmented reality. I can visually see them and speak with them without having to travel. This also provides due diligence in verifying the persons identity.




📱 Rex, for our followers interested in exploring Xzec Gaming's innovations, could you recommend what you consider to be the best project or application they can download and enjoy today from Xzec Gaming to experience the future of VR and AR technology?


Nightz VR for Meta Quest is our top VR experience currently where you can party virtually in your VR Headset. Available now in the Meta Quest store.





🚀 Finally, Rex, can you give us a sneak peek at some exciting developments that RUBIK TECH MAGAZINE followers can expect from Xzec Gaming in the near future?


We are working on several apps around Augmented reality glasses specific to shopping, music, and the investment field.




An Immersive Future with Xzec Gaming: Discover Innovation in VR and AR


In conclusion, our conversation with Rex Gatling, the innovative Founder and CEO of Xzec Gaming, has been an exciting journey through the ever-changing world of virtual and augmented reality. Rex's insights into the future of technology and the boundless possibilities of the Metaverse have left us inspired and eager to explore.


If you're as intrigued as we are by Xzec Gaming's cutting-edge innovations, we encourage you to take action. Immerse yourself in the world of virtual reality and augmented reality that Xzec Gaming is pioneering. It's not just about witnessing the future; it's about actively participating in it.


So, why wait? Embark on your journey and discover the limitless potential of VR and AR technology. The future is here and it's waiting for you to explore.